Evita at Crufts!

Showing Evita at Crufts was a dream come true for me as this was a debut for both of us! I have visited CRUFTS several times before but I never showed there except for competing in int. Juniorhandling. This year I finally had a dog that was ready for it. After a long trip there, we had one day to relax and get ready.

Early in the morning we started to Crufts. Hounds were on on Thursday and I was very excited as my girl was entered in the class with the highest entry and probably in the class with the highest quality, namely open class bitches. As always Evita was a joy to show and probably was the only one bouncing around like crazy when it was not her turn. She made me very proud by being shortlisted, especially because she was the youngest one competing in this class, not even being 2 years of age. It was an unbelievable experience for sure & I could not be happier with how this day went down! <3 Thanks Evita, you are a true beauty and together we made a lot of memories already <3

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