#1 PBGV in Austria!

Now that the lists have been published it is finally official: EVITA IS THE NUMBER ONE PETIT in Austria for 2016! This year has been fabulous for our girl with the sweetest temper and we could not be prouder.

To summarize the year a bit, I think we should start at her first show in Brno (the biggest show in CZ) where she won the breed over champions and Crufts BOB winning dogs with only 9 months of age. But she did not stop and moved on to Junior Best in Group. From this show on Evita did not stop to amaze us anymore. She won Best Of Breed nearly everywhere. She was placed in every group she participated in Austria, she was  chosen as Junior Best of Group multiple times, one time Junior Best in Show 3 (+2000 dogs) and Junior Best in Show Specialty. Also she could win the group twice this year, still being younger than 18 months. She won the group at famous Bundessieger show out of a group that I have never seen bigger before at “normal” shows and also at another Int show. What a success. Also she started several Championships and finished the Austrian Junior Champion title and the Croatian Champion title and already opened the Grand title. BRAVO Evita!!!

As we don’t do group rankings in Austria or all-breed-rankings, we can’t publish those results. But we are sure that she was the only dog this year that took the group at two different shows in Austria and for sure the youngest doing that too.

Evita was shown in juniors basically all over the year except for Split Shows and the Bundessiegershow 🙂 Also not to forget that Evita passed two hunting exams (natural ability tests) this year and was 2nd in a strong junior class at World Dog Show.

To sum it up I would like to share some statements out of the critiques she got over that past year, all of them mentioned nearly every time:

  • beautiful head
  • superb temperament
  • very well developed for the age
  • well textured coat
  • covering the ground very well
  • shows herself very happy
  • built in balance all over


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