“I know it’s crazy, but I feel like you could be the one that I’ve been chasing in my dreams!” (Reggaeton Lento, CNCO)

BIS JCH Black Majesty Reggaeton Lento “Naty” had a fabolous weekend out at INT Wels, making this a fabulous end for our show-year 2019!

She took the breed on both days from junior class (Sat: Tamas Jakkel, H / Sun: Salvatore Tripoli, I), won RES. BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW under Peter Harsanyi (H), was placed 5th in the group on Saturday under Felicity Thompson (IRE) and won RES: BEST OF GROUP on Sunday under Mag. Heliane Maissen-Jarisch (A)!

I cant believe what our girl has achieved, despite her tender age, being a junior still. She convinced quite an international judges-panel, which makes me even more proud!

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