BISS Izzy in the newspaper!

The latest ÖKV (Austrian KC) Newspaper “Unsere Hunde” arrived and I am very happy to see the report of our 45. Basset & Scenthound specialty held by Österreichischen Basset und Laufhundeclub! This was the first year that I was in charge of organizing, which makes it even more special.

I loved to read every word of this article, especially the more than kind words of the judge Mr. Karl P. Reisinger (A) about our Izzy boy who won BISS: “…doch lagen die Petit doch deutlich vorne. Der BOB Hund war nahezu perfekt und bestach ebenfalls durch sein Gangwerk. BM Hollywood ist wirklich ein Star im Ring.” – translated into English this would say “…The BOB Petit was nearly perfect and could win over due to his movement. BM Hollywood is a real star in the ring.”

Thanks to everybody who made this event remarkable and memorable, I enjoyed every minute 

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