Terrier Specialty Wittau 2016

We spent a fabulous weekend at the Terrier Specialty show in Wittau. Besides meeting good friends, I was allowed to handle some Border Terriers and they achieved really nice results:
SATURDAY (breed judge Mr Schindler) 

  • Bessy (10 months): Exc1, jrCAC, jrClubwinner’16, JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW
  • George: Exc1
  • Emely “Emely of Highland Royals”: Exc1, CAC
  • Evita (13 years): Exc1, vetCAC, vetClubwinner’16 , vetBIS3 
  • breeding group “Highland Royals” BIS3

SUNDAY (breed judge Mr Lemmer) 

  • Bessy: Exc1, jrCAC, jrClubwinner’16
  • George: Exc1, Clubwinner’16, best dog, BOS
  • Emely: Exc1, CAC, Clubwinner’16
  • Evita: Exc1, vetCAC, vetClubwinner’16, best bitch, BOB, VETERAN BEST IN SHOW
  • breeding group “Highland Royals” BIS2 


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