Evita showing her attitude…

Last minute, as always, we decided to enter Evita for the CACIB show in Wieselburg 2016. Our judge Mrs Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner showed again how strict she was by awarding only one Basset Hound excellent, the others were vg. Walking in with Evita the judge immediately told us that she liked our junior a lot, giving her a lovely critique and awarded the JrCAC. Then Evita was beating the adult dogs and went on to be BEST OF BREED. In the groups she showed her attitude again and is a brand new groupplacer! In Junior Best In Show she was the only dog being shortlisted out of FCI group 6 – making her an unofficial (as we don’t have JrGroups in Austria) JUNIOR BEST OF GROUP once again 😀 we are beyond proud!


more DOGHANDLING results: 

Border Terrier Bessy – Juniorclass bitch, 10 months
“I’m Best of Highland Royals”, Exc1 & JrCAC
Judge: Erika Homonnai, A

Border Terrier Emely – Championclass bitch, 5 years
“Emely of Highland Royals”, Exc1, CAC, CACIB & BOS 
Judge: Erika Homonnai, A

Bullmastiff Duke – Juniorclass dog, 10 months
“Carnuntum Bulls Amazing Adventure”, Exc1, JrCAC & BOS 
Judge: Niksa Lemo, HR

Russkiy Toy Dreamy – Championclass dog, 2.5 years
“Dream Catcher of Yorkside”, Exc1, CAC & BEST OF BREED 
Judge: Uschi Eisner, A

Best Brace Competition Russkiy Toy – 3. place
“Dream Catcher of Yorkside” & “Genesis of Yorkside”
Judge: Matyas Jaroslva, SK

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