CACIB Wels 2015

Both days I was allowed to handle the beautiful junior Weimaraner bitch “Joy” (Joy Volcano Spring du Berceau de Bugatti), who is owned and lovey by Evelin Kranz and “Georg” the Border Terrier. As usual Joy showed herself …


beautifully as never before. She had big competition of two other bitches in her class, but she had the possibility to finish her Austrian Junior Champion. But of course, nothing ever works out the way it should and it was very frustrating and not fair. I would never write about a placement that I think is wrong, it was something different on Saturday. Evelin and I were standing next to the ring waiting for Joy’s turn. Yes we were small talking and didn’t pay a lot of attention. Then I noticed a bitch in the ring, hence went to the entrance. I had to see that the junior bitches have already had their decision. The ringstewards has not been looking for us, he not once called for us – the third bitch – to enter the class. Being very annoyed we checked our clocks and realized Weimaraners have been finished before they have even officially started on the timetable. In Austria it is clearlly forbidden to start before the timetable, I tell this everybody who is coming to the KC’s training and also judges and stewards are informed. So I went in into the ring and talked to Tamas Jakkl, telling him that this was not okay. I agreed I didn’t pay attention, but also that they started before time and that we were not called once. We were standing right next to the ring, maybe 2 metres away from the entrance waiting. He wasn’t very cooperative, said he has never heard about that rule, but admitted, that it was his steward’s fault. The steward himself was very unfriendly. That’s why I decided to go to the KC and tell them about it. They agreed it was a mistake – I hope they informed the steward too – and gave Evelin a free entry for another show.

All this didn’t help, Joy could not finish her champion title. Next day was a pleasure: Joy showed beautifully and won her class with lovely critiques! Evelin can sure be happy about her super junior and that was not all. Joy and I went into the mainring for BIS JUNIOR competition and Joy was the only one from group 7 to go to the finals – I could not be more proud!!

But the nicest moment for me was, what has happend before we went into the ring on Sunday. One of our competitors in junior class came to me, told me that she really liked Joy and then apologized about the day before. That she thought it was not fair and that she tried to tell Tamas Jakkl too. WOW! Thanks! I still can’t believe how nice this person was!

Also i was allowed to show Georg (Gambler of the Highland Royals) the Border Terrier in open class. Borders had a huge entry for the breed and on Saturday George went on to be BEST OF BREED!


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