Black Majesty Get Off Of My Cloud

Around Special Effects X Flean

Owners: Iva Raic
Breeder: Iva Raic, Black Majesty Kennel
Date of birth: May 30, 2015


POAG carrier

Duration of her visit

August 2017 – May/June 2018


  • Natural ability test – Croatia: passed

Titles before / during her visit

  • International Champion
  • Belarus Junior Champion
  • Croatian Champion
  • Lithuanian Junior Champion
  • Romanian Champion
  • Russian Junior Champion
  • Russian Champion
  • Slovakian Champion
  • Group Winner

Senorita has always been a dream of mine as she, in my opinion, is a true Petit girl. She was a very special puppy as she was born out of a unique combination with a true French hunting girl called “Fugere”. Senorita might be a real petit Petit, but her character and heart are as big as the one of a Great Dane <3

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